The Olympic Winter Games, Seventeen Magazine, February 1988

In honor of the 2014 Winter Olympics, here’s a look back to 1988. This is from a story called “The Contenders” by Meg Lukens. It highlights Tamara McKinney, Alpine Skiing; Pirmin Zurbriggen, Alpine Skiing; Josh Thompson, Biathlon; Bonnie Blair, Speed Skating; Debi Thomas, Figure Skating; Katarina Witt, Figure Skating; Brian Boitano, Figure Skating; Gunde Svan, Cross-Country Skiing. Here’s what Meg writes:

If they’re in Calgary this month, they’re the best in the world. For some, there will be quiet triumphs and a return to their life out of the spotlight. For others, Olympic metal will mark the beginning of a public life in which their names will become household words. When the XV Winter Games convene, keep an eye on these athletes and learn their names. They play to win.

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