Oh, Provence, Seventeen Magazine June 1988

Another photo shoot from the 1980s – I remember wearing a flowered, mint green, short sleeve button down top with matching capri pants. I did not pull off the same style as below, but instead looked like Hawaii threw up on me.

Sunny Days Spent in Romantic Peasant Clothes of the French Countryside

Seventeen Magazine June 1988 You don’t have to close your eyes to imagine strolling through the rustic beauty of southern France. It’s as easy as slipping on a floral-print cropped top and skirt, both in sea-blue (above left), or a “French”-plaid jumper in carnation-red (right).

Seventeen Magazine June 1988Adorn yourself with the colors of the earth . . . like this celery-green cable-knit sweater and paisley shorts in plum. Tie a terra-cotta sash around your waist and a golden-brown bandanna around your neck.

Seventeen Magazine June 1988You can almost see the romantic lavender fields of Provence when you wear this lovely blossoms-covered sundress in chambray-blue.

Seventeen Magazine June 1988The traditional colors of Provence–sun-bleached white and French-blue (a color somewhere between the sea and the sky)–inspired this pretty striped tand and folkloric-print skirt.

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