Desert Bloom, Seventeen Magazine June 1988

I was digging in my basement and came across my Seventeen Magazines from high school. Yes, I kept them! No, I’m not a packrat. So, this was a surprise that I still had them. The text on these pages is dramatic just like the vibrant colors – oh 1980s, you were so funny.

Seventeen Magazine June 1988Hold onto you hot! Your sizzling summer is about to get just that much hotter. It’s your turn to burn in blazing-bright clothes that combine the best of the zest: Spanish, south-of-the-border, even Indian influences, rich with authentic peasant touches. Strike a match with a midriff-baring ribbed sweater in patent pink (notice the Mexican-style trim at the neckline) and cropped calypso pants in a primitive print.

Seventeen Magazine June 1988 Milla JovovichLet it simmer with warm glimmers of color–a light-beige shadow across the lids, a sheer-peach blush over the cheeks, a burnt-coral tint on the lips. Do you recognize this model? It’s twelve-year-old Mila Jovovich!

Seventeen Magazine June 1988Raise some temperatures–and a few eyebrows–with makeup in soft, dusty shades and ethnic clothes in rich, radiant colors. A natural wonder, the face is bare but for hints of pale pink stroked across the brow-bone and the lips and a smoky rose swept over the cheekbones.

Seventeen Magazine June 1988Adding some spice for flavor–a saffron peasant blouse paired with La Bamba-inspired cropped pant (with ruffles down the sides). Extra impact: a sash in red-hot red around the waist.

Seventeen Magazine June 1988 Fanning the flame . . . passion flowers in full bloom. A hot rosette adds a torrid touch to a shoulder-shunning peasant top. Underneath, a flowing peppermint-pink skirt in the softest satin.

Seventeen Magazine June 1988 Vibrant florals also lend a bit of flair to the hair, worn slicked back off the face to emphasize dramatic violet-lined eyes and intense wine-colored lips.

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