Friday’s Find- Victorian “Rose of Sharon” Amethyst Ring

I recently picked up a gorgeous amethyst ring at a northern Chicago suburb and was pleasantly surprised by it’s wonderful history.

"Ring of Sharon" 14k Gold and Amethyst Victorian Ring

“Rose of Sharon” 14k Rose Gold and Amethyst Victorian Ring

It is called a “Rose of Sharon” ring.  These rings were at the height of fashion in the Victorian Era between 1860’s to 1880’s, but were produced up into the 1900’s.  They were know to be used as engagement rings, promise rings and love tokens.  This style of ring has become highly collectible today and is pretty rare.

The ring I acquired is in great antique condition- the gold etched flower is in near perfect shape.  You can even see some of the veining in the leaves.  I was also told that this ring has a table cut diamond set into the amethyst stone and that it pre-dates the rose cut diamond.  It must have been very carefully kept- the designs on the sides of the band are barely worn.  I also love that this ring has been etched on the inside in beautiful script with the name “Minnie H.”  You can own this beautiful piece of history (almost 150 years old!) by purchasing it through our Etsy shop.

A special Thanks to Meg at Mag Wildwoods Closet for teaching me about these beautiful rings!

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