Scarf Ideas

Imagine gift wrapping a present in a patterned scarf. Or packing a lunch for work in a colorful scarf. You’d know it was yours in that overcrowded work refrigerator. What a great idea! I’m stealing these ideas from the traditional Japanese eco-friendly, wrapping cloth called furoshiki. A reusable wrapping cloth can be used to carry almost anything from groceries to books (or Kindle and cell phone). It even makes a nifty covering for a wine bottle that you bring to a dinner party.

Anyway, I have scarves for sale, so I thought I’d share them since they aren’t online. These ones are only $5 each. If you see one you like, email me and I’ll send you additional photos with the sizes – some are square and some are long (rectangle).

bunnys trunk show

These polka dot scarves are from designer Vera, so they are $10 each. The brown polka dot is square and the white polka dot is long. I plan on writing a blog about her, but for now, here’s what wikipedia has to say about the talented Vera Neumann.

bunnys trunk show

Below are super cool ways to wear your scarf, some inspiration. These are images that have been borrowed from the internet.

bunnys trunk show

Check out additional ideas for your wrapping cloth at Here’s an interesting blog about the history of furoshiki.

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