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Blue Topaz

Last year, I picked up an amazing pair of 14kt gold blue topaz earrings. The 1.75ct blue topaz stones are authentic, not synthetic which is very common today. They are pierced, but have a threaded screw back post and are from the 1920s – 1930s. These earrings have a value of $175. The reason I know all this is because the lady selling them at the estate sale had them appraised by Kurt Teeters, GG. She mentioned that he has been appraising fine jewelry for decades and at the time, he was appraising jewelry for Demi Moore. If I remember correctly, the jewelry was from a movie.

Kurt does not buy and sell jewelry which is a plus because it’s more likely that you’ll get an unbiased appraisal. The lady also mentioned that it’s not a good idea to leave your jewelry with precious stones at the jewelers. It’s better to be there with them as they’re doing the appraisal (unless, of course, you have a trusted jeweler). I’ve heard that there’s a chance that the jeweler will replace your precious stones with cheaper ones.

We haven’t used his services, yet, but if you need an appraisal on precious jewerly, contact Kurt at Allied Gem Appraisers, 55 E Washington, Ste 404 in Chicago. The phone number is (312) 263-0090.

As for the elegant, gorgeous, yummy blue topaz earrings, I’m keeping them. They’re mine. Keep your paws off.

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