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Not long ago, Tanya and I met with Elissa Pappas who works for New York Jewelers. We’ve started to acquire jewelry with semi-precious stones, but we don’t yet have the eye to tell if it’s a real stone, a crystal or glass. So Elissa wielded her magic jewelry loupe and along with her boss, they were able to browse our collection and tell us about the stones. Little did I know that blue diamonds existed. They also confirmed that Tanya’s diamond shaped ring is garnets, that the gold stone in her other ring is a citrine and that my little red, white and blue number is rubies, sapphires and diamonds.

It was awesome to have experts letting us know about our jewelry pieces. The shop not only had new fine jewelry, but they also have an amazing vintage collection of precious pieces. I would love to get my hands on gorgeous jewelry like that! One day . . .

Anyway, if you’re in the market for fine jewelry, talk to Elissa and she’ll set you up. The shop is on 11 N Wabash in Chicago and the phone number is (312) 855-4999.

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