Juliana Jewelry (Delizza & Elster): Part 1

As I mentioned before, when I look for jewelry I try to find the most interesting pieces even though they may not be signed.  Some of the most beautiful vintage jewelry was not stamped with the makers mark.  They only had temporary store tags, which most are long gone now.  If you want to figure out the name brand, you  need to do some research.  Most makers have common attributes to help you figure this out.

I have picked up on some of the makers attributes, but since I am new at this most are found by chance.  I was recently surprised by a brooch and earring set I purchased.

When I looked on the internet, I found a couple of stores that were selling the same brooch under the Juliana name.  This is a highly collectible brand, but all are unmarked.  I wanted to confirm if this set really was Juliana.  As luck would have it, there is a site that is totally dedicated to the Juliana brand.


On the site they verify the  jewelry through Frank DeLizza, one of the owners of DeLizza & Ester jewelry (producers of the Juliana brand).  In addition, they provide you with images of known Juliana pieces and the common characteristics of the pieces.  It is really fun to look around the site; they provide tons of information.

I have just submitted the photos for verification.  I will let you know if it is Juliana.

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