Researching Jewelry

I have really enjoyed learning about the jewelry I have purchased and collected.  When I go to an estate sale I tend to have an idea of the ‘designer’ names and the quality I want, but for the most part I pick up pieces that catch my eye.  While at the sale I talk with the estate sellers and pick up as much first hand information I can get. Then the excitement continues as I get home and do the research.  I have used multiple resources to look up the information on the jewelry purchased.  The most common resource is the internet.  There are multiple collectors and dealers that have posted information.  You really need to delve into the information and look at multiple sources to make sure what you are reading is correct.  One of the websites that I have found incredibly helpful is On the right side of the page they post “Jewelry Articles” with jewelry information and great images of both the front and back of the jewelry.  The other main resource I use are books.  One of my favorite books is Collecting Costume Jewelry 101 by Julia Carroll.  I really like that the book is organized by designer name and that she has great summaries and photos of the jewelry companies.  The only downside to the book is that the photographs are mostly of the front of the jewelry, not the backside.  Finally, my most recent resource has been an antique class.  The teacher is a certified appraiser.  He would teach about an antique/vintage era or subject for the first hour and then allow you to bring in one to two items to get appraised for the second hour.  This was very helpful when I couldn’t quite get the hands-on information from the internet or books.  I would also learn from the other students in the class and the antique or vintage items they would bring in.  All of these resources have been of help to me and I feel my brain expanding.  If you have any jewelry questions, please feel free to ask and I will help as best I can.

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