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When I shop, I’m on the lookout for artistic, unique jewelry that is quality. You won’t find me at a mall store looking through repetitious stacks of a jewelry fad – although I have been known to hunt for the perfect gold hoop. But at any art show, you can find me mulling over pieces and checking my wallet to see how much I can buy. I don’t necessarily look for the trendiest jewelry and buy a piece just because the ‘hot movie actress of the moment’ happened to show up in a magazine wearing some bling-blang. I shop for pieces that will remain in my collection for years. And as my clothing styles change, my jewelry still looks good and accents my outfit. Of course I’ve been through my jewelry stages from gold to silver, thin to clunky but when I look at my stuff, I find that I have a well-rounded lot.

A funny thing happened when my sister and I decided to buy and sell vintage jewelry last summer – all of a sudden I saw it everywhere! In fashion magazines, store catalogues (reproductions, of course) and even first lady was matching vintage jewelry to her outfits (well, her style advisor probably was). Vintage is the current trend! I’m sure it has something to do with the state of the economy. In tough times, people historically look back. And that’s where we’re at right now . . . looking back to when life was easier and people didn’t live in fear of losing their job.

Whether or not vintage is ‘in’, I still have a deep appreciation for it. I got into this biz because I love to treasure hunt. When someone asks me, “Where did you get that?” I have to tell them that it’s a unique jewelry piece (either vintage or from an art show) that you won’t find at the local chain store. In our shop, I try to sell a mix of simple to elaborate so that I can post jewelry pieces that are in a range of prices. It’s fun to mix and match jewelry, even if they are not from the same era . . .it lends to a unique, personal style.

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