Micromillions And Sick Cash Games


I would like to make a post with my Micromillions “adventures” and deep runs….but I don’t have any!

I am not a tournament person…at all! Everytime i enter a tournament and I lose I say to myself ” i will never play tournaments again” but there is so much value in them that sometimes it’s hard to resist.
There are a few things that I don’t like in tournaments but I better analyse them on a separate post.

From the Micromillions I only played the main event (and another $5 tourney but I can hardly remember it). It is  really nice to see that Pokerstars smashed the guarantee $1,150m prizepool is huge 😀

As a cash player, I have to admit that it does affect me as well when these big tournaments take place. The cash games are good. And by good I mean tooooo gooooood!!!!
I have decided that I will always be around during these tournaments. (and promise not to play the tournaments!!)

Tournaments begins
I had my coaching session on Friday. During the session I am always more than 100% concentrated. As a result I can hardly do anything after the coaching in online casino nz. I have started making graphs with my ranges against different type of opponents and situations. It has proven to be very helpful but I have been told to reduce the number of my tables until I am super comfortable with every position/ spot. So I have dropped from 6-8 to 4-6 tables.

I managed to squeeze a little session on Friday where I won a stack, but shortly after that I was tired and couldn’t play my best so I stopped.
I didn’t have the time to grind as much as I would like to during the weekend but my sessions were more than good. I was running above 50bb/100. I was only playing small sessions so I am not a millionaire from 25NL.

I had my unlucky spots too but sometimes I don’t mind.

After some raises I managed to get the short stack to put his money in on the flop with AJo vs my flopped nuts with a straight flush redraw too! Oh well, it’s one of these spots where you don’t mind losing. The guy lost his (half) stack a few hands later anyway.

I opened to 2.5x, the guy with the 97 calls with a stack of $2.35 and the AK guy 3bet to $2 and had $12 behind. Given their stats and stacks I am not folding 1010s on that spot! Yeh, another spot where I didn’t win but it’s not the end of the world.

I can’t think of any other funny spots but it was a gg 😉

I am going to rail my friend who’s deep in the MM main event, casually has 3x the average during the whole tournament.  Hopefully, next time I see him he will be buying the drinks (hint hint).

Guys, best of luck at the tables. 🙂